Hanky - Hankie - Handkerchief

Hand Crafted Hankies by 4 Corners Design

After being met with little, or next to no choice whilst purchasing the humble hanky, it became evident it was time to expedite the evolution of the pocket friend & introduce the world to... The Swanky Hanky.

My name is Donna Whiteside and I am the passion behind 4 Corners Designs, based in Mudgee, New South Wales. I strongly felt the need was there for a more contemporary twist to the current mundane handkerchief on offer - something more flamboyant, original and boasting personality. So, after much market research around morning tea tables with a range of discerning folk, it was decided. In Christmas of 2005, 4 Corners Designs introduced its Swanky Hanky.

Proudly, 4 Corners Designs is a family operated business taking pride in offering a quality product which is guaranteed to impress with its bold, stylish and energetic designs. All fabrics are pure cotton and wash up beautifully, holding their shape and maintaining their colour. Each Swanky Hanky is crafted with what has become its signature mitred corner and is packaged such that it makes an excellent gift - perfect for a birthday, a thank you, Christmas and of course, ideal to post to loved ones overseas. My aim is to bring to you all of the features I sought, but clearly were not readily available

Enjoy browsing through my range, I am confident that there will be a Swanky Hanky available to reflect your individual style and personality, or that of your favorable recipient.

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